Summer had been pretty lame for Toronto during the month of June. Two festivals were hit back-to-back with really rough weather that certainly hampered those experiences for Torontonians. It was a bit disappointing for the entire scene collectively. With the forecast still playing tricks on partygoers, the stage was set for the summer concert and picnic series, Electric Island.  
Upon arriving to Hanlan's Point and entering the festival, you could tell the vibe was far better than people were originally anticipating considering the schizophrenic forecast leading up to the event. Right away it was clear that plenty of eager music lovers were finally getting a gorgeous day to let it out. What Electric Island provided throughout the day was exactly what Toronto needed. 
The lineup felt rounded enough, curating a good sampling from some of the international names that anchor the world of house and techno. Each performer left their own touch on the crowd and certainly had them going throughout the day. Dennis Ferrer definitely locked everyone into a really good groove early on. Lee Foss followed by giving people a warmer, bouncier performance. Sasha owned every bit of his sunset slot certainly playing a bit more assertively yet it ended up being just enough to bridge the gap to accommodate the harder German techno presence that Marcel Dettmann brings to his performances. 
Canada Day on the island felt like a combination of just the right elements. Electric Island is a concert series that is comfortable in its own skin. Experiences like this are what end up contributing to the culture of nightlife in a region in a practical way. You can’t understate when an event like this impacts anywhere from 6000-7500 patrons, it’s a big deal. Considering the summers already feel a little short in Toronto due to the weather, getting washed out for a month stinks. The city feels like it wants to catch up to get its warm weather fix of festivals and outdoor jams, although in the end successful outings like this will end up being some of the most memorable when you look back at the summer of 2015. 

For information on Electric Island visit here