It's one of dance music's most iconic nightclubs. It put "Madchester" on the map and helped give birth to acid house, influencing a generation of clubbers and musicians. Now, The Haçienda is getting an all new documentary. 

After a series of security and monetary issues forced Manchester's most famous nightclub to close in 1997, the building was demolished to make way for luxury apartments. But not before the entire club – from the famous yellow and black girders to the urinals – was ripped apart piece by piece and sold for auction in 2000.

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Do You Own The Dance Floor tells the story of the birthplace of rave music by tracking down those who bought the various bits and pieces of the club, gaining insight into just how important it was to so many people. Of course, there are also interview with the club's key figures, including Liam Gallagher and Joy Division co-founder Peter Hook. 

Premiering at this year's Glastonbury, all proceeds for the film will go to donated to Kidneys for Life & Cancer Research. Check out the trailer below.

[Via Dancing Astronaut]