A live producer and performer from California, SHADED has been championed by the likes of Dubfire and Tiga, with multiple releases on both SCI+TEC and Turbo Recordings. His distinctive funky, quirky house and techno and talent for live performance is quickly earning him a very solid fanbase - not only back in LA but also in Europe, with several dates across Ibiza, London, Barcelona and Croatia all lined up for the summer season. We invited SHADED to have a chat to tell us what he’s all about.

Why is playing live so important to you? I just really enjoy making music a lot! And I especially enjoy hearing bass music on bomb systems. So with my love of both those things I just naturally progressed towards the more 'live' oriented performance style of just playing my own music. Being able to make a new track in the day, and then go to the club that night and see if it translates on the system is a cool feeling. And if the crowd is with you, it’s an even better feeling.

Do you have any moment that you would call your big break? I would say the track ‘Time Drip’ put me on the map, and into the attention of music fans. So that is what got the ball rolling for me. About a year after that record, Dubfire took me on tour to open for him, and in my mind that was my break. It was right during the transition of me going solo, so the timing just worked out perfectly.

How do you find the crowds and scene differs between Europe and America? In Europe electronic and dance music in general is very much a part of everyday life. I will go get a coffee or something and the place is playing house music. Or you go out to a techno party on a Sunday night, and it’s a packed out club. Or a famous underground oriented DJ will be walking down the street and people will ask for photos. The strength of electronic music, especially for the more underground stuff, is phenomenal. That’s so cool to me. America is nowhere near that point in regards to the knowledge they have for underground artists and music, but hopefully it will be one day. The US has its cities and its scenes representing, but it’s not nearly as widespread and natural as it is in EU.

What’s your wildest Ibiza story? Actually a few years back, I did have a plane ticket there for 2 days, and I ended up staying for 2 weeks - at the time music was yet to be my career, and I had some time off, so I just changed my flight. What happened in between was a beautiful blur!

What was your first set here like? It was a bit surreal. Playing on the island was always a goal at some point in my career, so to fulfill that was special on a personal level. I have had some special times in Ibiza, and hope to keep them coming.

It looks like you’re going to have a pretty busy summer of touring, but you have you had any time to work on any productions recently? Yeah, summer is gearing up, but this last month was pretty light for me - in May I only did 4 gigs so I was able to focus a lot on getting in the studio and putting some finishing touches on new music I have been trying to finalise. That’s something I never have time to do from June onwards, it’s just too crazy.

What plans - productions or events - do you have lined up for the rest of the year that you’re especially excited for? In terms of production I have a few things I am wrapping up that have been getting me psyched up. I just finalised a new remix for Tiga & Boyz Noize for their track ‘100', which I am happy with, and will be out on Turbo in the next few weeks. I also just wrapped up my next EP for SCI+TEC as well as a new remix for Octopus’s Sian. In regards to events - it’s now summer time, so the gigging picks up a lot and the sleep gets less, so I am looking forward to all the parties to come!