Off Week once again produced one of the biggest and best selections of parties for the discerning electronic music fan, with an impressive array of one-off showcases and other pop-up venues hosting workshops and live events.

The week ended for us on Sunday at the Parallel Slowcase party, ran by a partnership of three labels from Lithuiania and Russia. The team have been throwing successful parties in Moscow and Kanzantip for the past few years and have generated a very loyal fan base. Headliners for this event were Mihai Popoviciu and Berlin based Guido Schneider, both of whom duly delivered sets that certainly did not disappoint.

The 450-capacity daytime venue was busy and boasted an impressive rooftop terrace, which provided the perfect setting for the chilled and refined dubbed out sounds of the artists playing earlier on. As we moved into the evening, the venue expanded to accomodate an additional 250 guests, which packed out surprisingly quickly. The music adjusted for the busier atmosphere with a more minimal, deep and dubby techno sound - a very popular Eastern European vibe that is making waves in the industry at the moment.

The venue was great for an all day and night party where the music developed with the atmosphere. The event had attracted a cool crowd, and it generally made for a great way to end a busy Off Week. However, we preferred the earlier hours of the party, where we enjoyed relaxing on the terrace in the sunshine listening to the more chilled-out sets.