Kanye West really had the BBC going this weekend during his performance at the Pyramid Stage in Glastonbury. The BBC muted whole sections of his performance due to profanity sprinkled throughout his set. Little did you know, anyone enlightened enough to have turned on the subtitles during the performance would have been privy to a battle of epic proportions. 
The BBC subtitler started off fairly well in the beginning but quickly started to struggle to keep his composure as West’s performance continued along. 



The brilliant battle with the rapper to rapidly transcribe his lyrics for television took a nosedive shortly after.  There are no reports as to what caused the subtitler to freak out but it seems rather obvious what that could have been. 

The irony here is that the best part of Kanye West’s performance seems to be these crazy subtitles that have been far better received then the abrasive quote he finished his performance with, “You are now watching the greatest living rock star on the planet!" 

The BBC seemed to certainly have fun with his performance, at least their subtitler did. Thank you BBC!