A recent guest at Funktion-One powered Lost Beach Club in Montañita, Ecuador, Berlin-based Andre Crom, owner of one of electronic music’s top record labels shares 7 tips on how aspiring artists can get heard and signed.

Here are the first three:

1. Don't send mass emails.

By far the most stupid and annoying thing is to send out a mail to 100 labels at the same time while having every recipient address in the mail header.

2. Do your research.

Check out the RECENT releases of the label you send your music to. Label's styles can evolve, so take the time to listen to their recent music.

3. Try to establish a personal contact.

Many labels have "demos@label.com" or something like that as standard demo address, but not many labels actually listen to all the demos sent there. A much better way is to somehow get in touch with one of the labels' artists or somebody working there, and contacting the people personally. Take the time to do your research, with the label's websites and facebook you can find out a lot. Many people will be happy to help you, if they have the time and like what you do. A&R's are MANY times more likely to listen to your music when they are introduced to it by somebody they trust!

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Check out Andre’s 5 hour set recorded at the infamous cave, Lost Beach Club, Montañita, Ecuador.