Artists who can transition from one genre to another are a rarity but when they can, they often create something wonderful in the process. Here are our hotly tipped picks of electronic crossover acts to watch out for in 2015.

The term ‘crossover’ is an overly used and extremely expansive term but it does have its validity when it comes to describing an artist that sits between two or even more genres of music. It could be a DJ that produces a pop album or a pop artist that produces an electronic masterpiece; the rules are widely unwritten when it comes to pinning down a crossover act. From hip-hop to trance, glitch-hop to singer-songwriter the term electronic is becoming increasingly varied.

So for our list we made a judgment call based on their relationship to dance music (as in music to take to the dance floor) and musical movements they are looking to make in 2015 (new releases, shows and collaborations). Each act comes with their own reason for us choosing to mark them out above the rest and we think that their music will be something to listen out for as they continue to evolve. Write these down.

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Kučka is an eclectic combination of “delicate, ambient sounds, industrial glitches and captivating vocal layering structured with heavy bass and erratic beats” says her press. But we like the WAM Song of The Year winner partly because she is set to embark on an Australian tour as she leads up to the release of a new EP. This tour will give audiences the first taste of her unreleased material, complete with a new set of live visuals. It has been a big year for the electro queen, who has been cutting her teeth supporting George Maple, Clark, SAFIA and landing a set at Laneway Festival. With a distinctive sound and universal appeal she is one to look out for this year.

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9. Broods

Broods are currently touring regional Australia as part of Groovin The Moo and they recently found some time in-between stops to hit the studio with perhaps the hottest Aussie act right now in Flight Facilities. Broods have also recently been in a Los Angeles studio "working on new stuff" for the follow-up to their 2014 debut album, Evergreen. So we expect to be hearing bunch on new material from them in 2015.

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8. Chet Faker

Adored Melbourne producer Chet Faker has announced additional dates for Sydney and Melbourne in March 2015 to satisfy great demand for his upcoming national tour. He lit up the stage at Coachella taking his debut album Built On Glass on the road. We are expecting a new release sometime this year, perhaps produced by one of the many electronic acts pioneering indie-crossover music right now. We hope its Simian Mobile Disco.

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7. Kilo Kish

Kilo Kish is back on Kitsuné with an alternative version of her conceptual EP Across signed by L.A based producer RRReymundo. She hit 2015 running with a bunch of remixes and even some unofficial ones to boot. The American rising star has a specific tone to her voice, which suits the Kitsuné model. She has collaborated with Santigold, Chet faker and Grimes amongst others so we a touting her to achieve new heights this year.

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6. Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons

A career spent DJing across the globe was the catalyst for Lazarus’s latest project – Damian Lazarus & The Ancient Moons. Co-produced by James Ford of Simian Mobile Disco, the new collaboration is so hot off the press it is a mere few months old. The new album brings together an assortment of vocalists, collaborators and players from around the world, all taking inspiration from his Lazpod series, Get Lost events and Day Zero festival in Mexico. Huge love for this.

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5. Chela

‘Chela, Chela, a little bit yella, she aint no fella’ Ladies and gentleman there is a new oriental disco heathen goddess on the block. She may be the first come to think of it. Chela is the latest and greatest one man woman to emerge from the bleak, black backstreets of Armadale, Wadonga. Another adopted child of Kitsuné we thought she would break through in 2014. It didn’t happen so we are giving her a second chance in 2015 after she released 'Handful of Gold' earlier this year.

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4. Chelou

Not much is know about Chelou but having just heard her vocals sampled expertly on the latest Maya Jane Coles (Nocturnal Sunshine) track we are eagerly anticipating her forthcoming debut album, produced by Jane Coles herself. She has a little over 2000 fans on Soundcloud and a similar number for Facebook. We think those number will soar in 2015. Check out ‘Believe’ below:

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3. Bob Moses

Canadian grown, New York formed duo Jimmy Vallance and Tom Howie are one of the latest acts to release on the boutique label Scissor and Thread. Bob Moses tout their sound as “music that will make you want to build a highway through a low income neighbourhood.” Here’s why.

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2. Milosh

Milosh is one half of Rhye, which dropped the stunning album Woman back in 2013. Milosh also releases tracks under his own name and although he hasn’t released anything for quite some time there are whispers that an EP is due sometime this year. Keep an ear out.

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1. Tone of Arc

Tone Of Arc brings a glimpse of real musicality to the underground tech house, punk house, and indie house scene, something rarely experienced on the dance floor and its sounds wonderful. Tone Of Arc's powerful stage presence is drawn from old school cats like Iggy Pop, The Clash, and Bowie helps to partially define the originality of their music. Smashing BMP Festival this year the crew have a 2015 masterpiece in ‘Run Rabbit Run’ which got a nice remix this year by Eric Volta. Check it out.

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