Along with megastar popularity comes millions of dollars and tons of publicity, but also plenty of haters. Welcome to the life of an EDM superstar.

Almost four years ago, LA Weekly ran the 'World's Douchiest DJs: The Top Five." While it was on point for the times, dance music has blown up worldwide in recent years - especially in the States - so there are plenty of new faces to consider who weren't players in the "douche" game in 2011. 

First, we'll show you their list from 2011 with some of their reasoning behind choosing them and then we'll give you some suggestions for a new top five. Let us know in the comments who we may have missed or what your own top five looks like.

2011 List


LA Weekly - "Sorry. But just getting the big-time treatment in The New York Times recently sealed the deal. In reality, Kaskade is a super-down-to-earth, nice-guy Mormon who has been hanging out in Santa Monica recently. In global clubland, however, he's a larger than-life spinner of uplifting "house" music who all the girls love. You have to hate him just for that. But then he causes a near-riot on Hollywood Boulevard. And he looks good in tight t-shirts."


LA Weekly - "Afrojack could actually pass as a nondouche. His hair is trim almost to the skin (no spikeyness here), and he's no Christian Audigier acolyte (that we can tell). Still, his stabby synth sounds rival the over-top arpeggios of trance in the get-me-the-hell-out-of-this-club department. His is the douche's soundtrack."

Steve Aoki

LA Weekly - "L.A.'s own indie-dance pioneer has become just another purveyor of over-the-top, more-Daft-Punk-than-Daft-Punk crap house. We would forgive him if he hadn't been such an anti-dance-culture gadfly when he started out spinning non-sequitur blends of KROQ fare. Now he plays boom-tss music on the big stages of rave festivals. Aoki has become the guy he hated back in his original Cinespace days."


LA Weekly - "Too easy, we know. And we have to say that the Dutch trance king has de-douchified himself nicely, what with the housier tunes and a cred-worthy Diplo coming along for his last tour. But we have to give the cheese-meister a nod simply because of his fans."

Paul Oakenfold

LA Weekly - "Oakey is a class act without whom we might not have electronic dance music culture as we know it. Still, the image of the DJ as a Spinal Tapian, hair-care-product-hording rock star? Oakenfold created that icon. It is he. Superstar DJ? No, superdouche DJ."

2015 Suggestions (no particular order)


Do we need to have another reason to suggest Avicii other than the fact he started making some form of country-trance-pop? The fact that he looks like a 14-year-old with his silly hat on backwards playing the same tracks every "set" and making millions doing it. That'll do fine.


Diplo represents a lot that is wrong about EDM. Sure, his social media presence is attention-grabbing, but half the time, he is being a total misogynist. Sure, he dated pop stars Katy Perry and M.I.A. But the his place on this list probably has more to do with this.

Calvin Harris

So many places to go with Calvin. Dating Taylor Swift? New career as an underwear model (see above)? Or the fact that he made $66 million in 2014, which is more than Jay-Z? Are we just jealous or is he a douche? Probably both.

Sebastian Ingrosso

If you've followed the news for the past couple weeks, Sebastian Ingrosso's comments to the New York Times "underground dance music - it's amateur" were plenty to vault him into contention. But then his botched attempts at "apologies" and bailing out of IMS Engage really cemented his legacy.

Jay Style 

Who? That's what you're probably asking yourself. But that's exactly why Jay Slave is a douche. As you can see above, last year when he wanted to gain popularity and get people to vote him into the 'Top 100 DJs', he painted his face black and referred to himself as a slave. Does it get more douchey than that?

Steve Aoki (again)

Sure it's been almost four years and a lot has happened in dance music. Aoki even recently announced he wouldn't be throwing cake anymore. Bravo, Steve. But the fact remains, you don't throw that much cake and ride around your shows in a rubber raft for years and not maintain your spot as a first-tier douche.

Who did we miss? Who are your top five? We know there are lots of candidates, so we'd love to hear from our readers.