ShowMango looks set to be one of the most game-changing additions to the live music industry in the last decade and could provide a platform which will solve problems that have dogged music promoters for a number of years.

The first of its kind in the UK, ShowMango offers unlimited live music events to its customers for £25 per month and the company has already partnered with a number of promoters in London to offer shows at venues such as fabric, Proud Camden, Fire, Lightbox, The Hoxton Bar, The Borderline, Village Underground, The Garage, Notting Hill Arts Club and many others.

ShowMango is sure to be an interesting new addition to the entertainment industry, which has seen similar subscription-based services such as Spotify and Netflix gain huge success in recent years.

We caught up with ShowMango’s CEO, James Kay, to find out more about his business.

What was the drive behind starting ShowMango? We are all fans of live music in the team and we all attend a lot of events. We’ve always been wondering why a lot of amazing gigs don’t fully sell out while thousands of music fans miss out on those shows because they can’t afford it. Those same people are using Spotify and Netflix a lot, which is why we thought that a subscription model for live music made a lot of sense.

How does it work? It can’t be simpler. Our subscribers can grab free passes for live shows every day in exchange for £25/month. We offer a choice of 1-5 different events everyday ranging from Rock, Indie, Electro, Jazz, to Alternative or even Classical music, so every subscriber can attend shows that suit their tastes. There is no limitation as per the number of passes that subscribers can grab each month. If they want to go out every day they can do so, at no extra cost.

Have promoters been keen? We already work with most of the local and national promoters. They’ve been really receptive and enthusiastic about our product. We have created ShowMango to incentivise music fans to attend more shows and discover artists through live events. Our vision and drive are fully in line with their own. Having a solid relationship with promoters is one of our top priority.

What cities and venues do you plan on expanding to next? We have a few cities on the road map, both in the UK and in other countries. Our first priority is to expand in Europe. We already promote events in more than 40 venues in London and are adding new ones every day. It’s reasonable to assume that we’ll have exclusive partnerships in place with most of them in a few weeks.