Now headed into his impressive sixth year as a resident for Circoloco at DC-10 in Ibiza, Parisian DJ W!LD also recently released his third studio album, the 27 track When You Feel Me LP. The bass heavy, funk driven LP is due for a special double remix EP release next month, featuring the likes of Flashmob, Jus-Ed, and Honey Dijon. Ahead of its anticipated release, and another big season on the White Isle, we caught up with the seasoned producer and DJ to find out his thoughts on the winds of change Ibiza has seen lately, where the best in weed is happening, how love effects his music, and find out exactly what EDM fans think of his music (hint: they hate it).

You're returning to Ibiza this summer for another year as a resident for Circoloco at DC-10. After all these years, what have you seen change the most? Do you still remember how you felt before your first set at DC10? The island is changing, but I think that is same for society at large. Bad taste, pollution and money... what happens around the world will affect Ibiza too. At the same time, when things get bad, the underground strengthens itself and starts to organize itself!

I still remember my first gig and it was 5 years ago. The feeling is the same every time I play there. Really stressed before the start then it's only happiness - the crowd is amazing.

I found this statement to be very bold: "Most of the time I produce when I'm in love. I need to have a muse, a woman in my life who inspires me. Because without I am just not creative." When do you find yourself most inspired to produce music: when the love is just starting, when it's a strong mutual love, or when it's gone? Tough question. The music will change depending on which emotional state I am, that’s for sure. What inspires me most is love, in all its permutations. When you love someone, you love their good and bad sides. The good and the bad give me different inspirations, creative paths to explore.

Love and the suffering caused from love are powerful tools when it comes to making music!

If you couldn't express something in a song, what else would you create? Firstly, I would be desperate if I became unable to express myself in song!

I love to paint and to draw, I would also try to create objects, to design and paint, and practice sculpture. I also love lights and neon, and designing clothes. Music came my way quite naturally when I was trying to forge a career as a designer, and it never left me.

Spending a lot of time in Ibiza over the years, when you're not behind the decks, what's your favorite pass-time on the island you wouldn't typically do anywhere else? The island has a special flavour that’s hard to explain – a positive force that has attracted people from all over the world for many years. Yes, you have big and famous clubs, huge crazy parties and party people, and DJs, but Ibiza also has amazing restaurants. I love going to the beach, there are some very pretty ones, and of course partying with my friends from all over the world!

We hear you're a bit of a weed connoisseur – in your years of traveling the world, who is smoking the best? They know what they are doing in California! Lots of spots in the US are holding it down – but also Canada, Spain and Holland. In France, people are smoking a lot, but the quality isn’t great, unfortunately. And it is still illegal!

Some states in the US done the smart thing and legalised weed. The quality is better, and the government is making money.

You're following up your latest album with the When You Feel Me double remix EP available May 25th. Why did you choose to do a remix double EP instead of treating the entire album to remixes? Organising 27 remixes would have been a tough job. I also think there is a risk of overload – better to be selective and light after such a big album. I’m treating this remix package almost like a best of, with a pick of accomplished producers. I have Andres, Chris Carrier, Jus-Ed, Dan Curtain, Honey Dijon, Italoboyz and Flashmob. I am very happy with the tracks and can’t wait to have the vinyl in my hands.

How did you choose who would go about doing the remixes? It was a simple question: who do I really want to remix my album? I got in touch with them and that was that. I wanted to ask my favourite artists that I hadn’t worked with yet. I contacted them, and luckily they said yes. I’m really proud and happy with the results; super remixes and different from my style.

Which remix surprised you the most? And which have been getting the best reactions in the club so far? Sometimes, when you ask for a remix, the results are disappointing. Not in this case though, I was very happy with the quality of all the work, so no surprises, just happiness! I'm so happy with all of them, the feedback has been great.

In terms of club reaction, they all have different moods and grooves. The Carrier and Dijon remixes are probably the most club ready. I love the deepness and more relaxed vibes in other tracks, too, though.

You say that you plan "To keep growing slowly but constantly until I die." What are some projects you are growing right now? What are some you are keeping reserved for later in your career? EPs, bootlegs, singles and remixes are on the way in the first half of 2015. To be released on some great labels: W, 20/20 vision, Flashmob Records, Roush, Robsoul and Pathway Traxx. I will also have my fourth studio album due for release after summer. I am also working on different project, a downtempo, hip hop, breaks and disco album with lots of features – that will take some time!

I’ve got some secret stuff planned as well, keep your eyes peeled and your mind open and you will find it!

In your time as a DJ, what is the most memorable compliment you have ever received? "You suck DJ W!LD!”, coming from some EDM fans!

When You Feel Me The Remixes 1 & 2 will be released May 26th.