Here are 8 acts that we think will set the trend at this years H2O music festival. So make sure not to miss out.


The Dutch duo is set to embark on their south African tour which will see them play to sell out crowds across the country. Global EDM icons with their demonstrative sets are bound to get the audience going, so if you are a fan of this style of music, you are in for a treat.

Whitey D’vine

Probably the godfather of deep house in South Africa Whitey D’vine, dives in and out of deep house with the grace of a killer whale, he has an exceptional ear for good music and always knows how to get the crowd going.

Keren Onay

Keren Onay should change his name to Mr Turn Up. SundyFunk has become a power house of music and Keren is constantly at the forefront this movement. His musical tastes will leave you with a stiff neck, always bouncy, always fresh and always good!

PH Fat

The hip hop duo has just returned from their Australian tour and we are curious to see what they have install for South African crowds. We can’t think of a performance as energetic and as compelling as theirs.

Kimmy K

Very little is known about Kimmy K other than the fact that A) She plays some really good music and B) She is part of a new breed of female DJs who take no prisoners and demolish their respective dance floors. GIRL POWER.


The young DJ has risen to the fore of dance music, Adie represents the future of electronic music, and if you want to know what the future sounds like its best you hear him play.

Tha Cutt

The scratch master has been dormant in recent months, that does not however detract from the fact the Tha Cutt is currently one of the best scratch DJs in the world. So if you want a world class schooling into hip hop combined with every other genre under the sun, then this is one act you shouldn’t miss.

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