Pulse Radio Africa and Nectar are giving away 4 tickets to this weekend’s rooftop spectacle. Nectar is running its second party which forms a series of events that aims to bring deep organic and meaningful music to its patrons and audiences. Nectar will be held at the rooftop of the majestic Daylight Studios in Cape Town.

The Studios have been newly renovated and offer a 360 degree view of the city of Cape Town. The likes of Rob Toca, Lady M, Daken Auret and Karmi will be holding it down on the decks from midday well into the night.

So if deep soulful music is your taste then this is what you have to do to win tickets.
1. Answer the Question: Which International DJ played at the last Nectar party.
2. Tag the  Nectar Facebook Fan page and  Pulse Radio Africa page in your answer and post the answer on either Facebook event pages.

There you have it, it’s that easy, winners will be announce on the 6th of March and you have to be in Cape Town to be eligible to win. So get entering.

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