It’s a familiar story, you end up back at a house after the club closes and someone puts on the worst music you have ever heard. Now a new app seeks to change all that.

DJ-51 is a new music app that leverages the musical tastes of everyone present to create playlists uniquely suited to the crowd.

Similar apps like and Plug.DJ have sought to do a similar thing in the past but have always fallen short; but by judging the group's overall musical tastes the app looks to provide the best playlist for the occasion.

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How it works:

The after party host gets a bunch of people back to a hotel, house or sewer. Its doesn’t matter as long as the place has wi-fi and goes about seting up a DJ-51 room and a general "mood”. This mood can range from pop to dance to the refined sounds of classical.

Then each member of the room uses his or her own device to sync a Spotify playlist to that mood. Each person gets added to a central honeycomb design, and the DJ-51 app goes about shuffling through the music.

If multiple users pick the same song, it will notify both of them and prioritise similar songs in the queue. This ensures that while everyone will get a chance to play their favourite music, the prevailing tastes in the room win out with more music catering to their preferences.

Because DJ-51 is super location based and when the party closes down, so does the tunes. As people leave, they leave the honeycomb. So although the app prevents you from creating shared playlist over distances it does provide a way to creat a fresh afterparty soundtrack each and every time.

DJ-51 is available for free on both iOS and Android.
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