Seth Troxler recently opened up about his hate for ketamine and GHB, love for 'doing frog', and running into Steve Aoki at a juice stand in Ibiza. 

In a recent interview with Thump, the Michigan native also admitted that while he remains stedfast in his disdain of EDM, or '"music that is based on profit," he's relaxed his stance on festivals since his now famous open letter, saying "I'm not completely against festivals," but reiterating that "The idea of throwing a festival in America in a parking lot with a video screen and shit music—I'm not fucking down with that."

Steve Aoki, his long time EDM punching bag, also came up, as Troxler recounted an experience at an Ibiza juice bar just after he penned his op-ed: 

"I was living in Ibiza for the summer; there was this juice bar by my house and one morning I went there to have breakfast," he explains. "I was paying and Steve Aoki crept up on me and he was like 'Yo, dude. I'm Steve. What the fuck?' and we had a kinda conversation. He was like 'Let's have lunch. Let's talk.' And I was like, 'Yeah, I dunno. I'm kinda busy.'"

He also expressed his love for all things hallucinogenic, claiming, "I did frog the other day. This girl milked this frog in the Amazon and I had this crazy out-of-body tantric orgasm, came out, and quit doing cocaine and smoking cigarettes. Just like that!"

Though his love for frog-based hallucinatory experiences doesn't lend itself to more than ecstasy or other hallucinogens, saying "I think ketamine is the heroin of our time," he says of the substance that's nearly ubiquitous in underground techno scene in which Troxler rolls.

"It's horrible. It's fucked," he says, admittedly from his own experiences. "And G I think is horrible. I think people should just take ecstasy and trip."

Read the full interview here.

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