Along with meme-covered supercars, Twitter trolling, lots of high tech analogue equipment and mouse heads, it turns out Joel Zimmerman has love for guns. And drones. And blowing said drones out of the sky.

On a recent trip up to his mansion and estate, a video crew got a look at Deadmau5's huge house, which contains typically gaudy décor like a moose in a top hat and a chrome rifle, some amazing production gear, and lots and lots of drones.

From out of the box models to super expensive and new ones, Joel loves drones. And according to Zimmerman, if he spots an unidentified drone hovering over his house, he takes swift and immediate action by blowing out of the sky.

Watch below, and skip to the 5-minute mark to get right to the action (unless you're really into drones, then you'll likely enjoy the whole thing). 

[Via The Verge]

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