Apollonia have shaped Parisian underground techno and house culture for over a decade and have made their mark on Berlin and Ibiza along the way.

The three-part DJ project consisting of Shonky, Dan Ghenacia, and Dyed Soundorom have managed to create their very own super group under their now famous moniker and have become renowned for their marathon 5-hour sets and a one record per DJ limit.

Continuing our partnership with Smirnoff Sound Collective we caught up with one leg of the Apollonian tripod, Shonky, to find out why performing with your mates, in front of your mates, is the best thing in the world.

Pulse: How did you, Dan and Dyed meet? Please tell me it was on the swings? Shonky (Apollonia) Ha no.. Dyed was working in a club in Paris. It was a really famous club in the 80’s and 90’s and he was promoting parties there. When I met him he was working in the cloakroom and he gave me some free passes. I was 17 so I would always go to see Dyed to save some money. I met Dan when he was a resident at a party called Botafar. We have been friends ever since.

What is it like performing with your friends night after night? Any Downsides? You travel, hang and live with your friends. It’s Awesome. They say the enemy of a DJ is loneliness, especially when there is travel involved. It’s more fun. We do like to DJ alone but Apollonia is a fun project for us.

Can you explain your ‘one record per DJ' concept? The important thing is to get the synergy, the hypnotism and the loop of the music. This way we really get into the mix. The one record limit is an easier process to make a proper mix as a collective. Nobody is standing there waiting. It’s a voodoo thing, it creates focus, concentration and so the performance is much better.

Do your fans differ across the world? I imagine they are like extended family? Definitely! After touring for a long time we do return to lots of the same places so you build up groups of friends and groups of fans. It’s always nice to meet new people as well. We went to Chile recently and played for more than six hours and we met a completely new crowd. It was amazing.

How do you think your style of music brings people together? When music is good, it’s good. We are here to make a party and so our job is for people to have a good time. It’s about the fans, about what they want. We like to build a journey. We could play two hours or ten, in the morning or the evening – each process is different. We prefer to have people with their eyes closed in front of us rather than with their hands in the air.

What can we expect from your Future Festival set this coming weekend – will it be 5 hours long? Haha… we will be limited and so we will make the best of it regardless of whether it is two hours or five hours.

Best thing that happened in 2014? The release of our first album Tour à Tour because it has been a long time coming for us.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2015? It sounds stupid but I just enjoy everyday. I touch my head – we are living the dream. I am touring with my friends, going to cool places. I want my life to go a slow as possible in that respect.

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