If you weren't aware, Danny Tenaglia owns an incredible loft in Queens, New York, that remains one of dance music's most mythological and mysterious locales. 

It serves as both his place of business, his studio, and with its huge dance floor, has also been home to a Boiler Room (and likely a number of legendary afterparties – we hope!).

Tenaglia recently posted upwards of 40 photos of his space, showing fans an inside look at his multiple studios, massive vinyl collection, cinema room, elephant heads and breathtaking roof vistas overlooking the imposing Queensboro Bridge. See for yourself below.

ROOFUS welcomes you! Hence the name Roofus!

Just added the Astro Turf fake ass grass and chairs

Right: Coat check 

Panoramic shot upon entering

40 years of Dance Music on these walls! 

View from the storage room and previous studio rooom.

New Studio environment which is first door upon entry.

Previous Studio layout, but now in first room with large window facing the 59th Street Bridge. Much better now :)

My Mixer Museum! Working on adding lots more :)

This old pic here is before more walls were knocked down. This was only about 2000 Square Feet

Boiler Room Gig

Panoramic Shot from Amp Room

Kevin McHugh doin the DTour biznizz ;)

The Cinema Room ;)

Before the record shelves came in . . .

3000+ Square Foot shot

Panoramic that captures Studio, Main and Kitchen

This one captures entrance

In case you need a 60" monitor! hehe

Stu Stu Studio! - Phil Collins

Under Construction (again)

Masked men from England came and took the Acetate / Lathe machine away! :( But I know it went to a great new home in the UK! :)

Rob Sperte, Borali Paskar and Ron Ronald Steiner washing their balls! (not mine)!! :-0

Anything is possible with a Trolley!

This is my church! This is where I heal my hurt! It's a narrow escape! - Lyrics from "God is a DJ by: Faithless

Options in Red

MIdnight Midnight . . . .

The Roof . . . The Roof!

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