DJ HMC is the scandalous alter-ego of techno legend Cam Bianchetti, who also goes by another moniker in Late Nite Tuff Guy. He is one of the early pioneers of house and techno in Australia, and is overdue a long awaited return to Australian shores. Yes, he is back.

Adelaide’s finest has long been banging out in demand edits and remixes the world over and is now heading back to Australia to spin a few more live. He has long been dubbed the “Godfather of Australian Techno” by the music press, an accolade the roots of which seem to have been lost in the margins of the internet. But that's not to say the sentiment is not true.

Bianchetti started DJing at the tender age of 19 back in 1983. Some ten-years later he became one of Australia’s first international star producers with acid house classics like 'Phreakin' and '6AM' stuffed firmly under his belt. He was also one of the main players behind Juice Records Australia, which helped put Australian techno on the map in the early nineties.

But despite the draws of overseas fans vying for him to visit their homelands, Bianchetti was firmly grounded in his home town of Adelaide by a phobia of flying. But it wasn’t long before he broke free of the aerophobia shackles and headed off to play pastures new. Now he has spent two decades in electronic music under two guises of HMC and Late Night Tuff Guy.

Amid a techno return as DJ HMC to Aussie shores (at long last), Pulse caught up with Cam to talk about the changing landscape of electronic music and why it’s good to be home.

1. How has your music taste evolved over the years? Well I suppose it has been pretty organic, although in recent times of course I seem to be gravitating more, through LNTG, to the music that I started listening to in my early years. I still believe that all my music must have soul so its been very positive thing for all my productions to have this connection to some of the great music of the past.

2. Can you explain your ethos and approach to music today - do popular trends effect you decisions in the studio? I've never been one to follow popular musical trends. Keeping up with what is trendy is of no importance to me. Producing music that makes me feel good is what I set out to do. Whether it's the sounds that I use or the genre that I'm producing I always go with what sounds good to me at the time.

3. Why do you think so many people are still vying (and paying big bucks) to see great acts live? I guess its the same with everything, if you think its worth it you will pay for it.

4. Who is your favourite DJ and why? His name is Angelo Amato. He started playing in Adelaide in 1975, and continued for many years. The first time I heard him play I was 16-years-old. I remember thinking how incredible the music and environment was in the club that night. I think I knew then that I would become a DJ. About 5 years later we were playing in the same club.

I used to listen in awe! The selection of tracks was always great, and he had an incredible knack of playing the right track at the right time. He also had great mixing skills but it was his ability to read the crowd that made him a super DJ. It's not something that is learned, it's a natural gift.

5. How do you find the Australian scene at the moment? You have been there from the beginning so tell us how the evolution of it has been for someone like you? The bad news is that I think the Australian club scene is at an all time low. Recent lock out laws have a lot to answer for, as do the big commercial festivals. The good news is that there seems to be a few illegal parties popping up. I love that! It reminds me of the original Summer of Love.

Also, I've had the pleasure of playing at some amazing festivals recently.... Lost Paradise, and The Falls Festival are two in particular that concentrate on promoting great music through DJs or live acts.

6. You have been away from Australia for a while - glad to be heading back? What was the highlight of your trip musically and your best event experience? DJ-ing across Europe is an incredible experience. I love playing within the UK, the crowds are always up for a good time, but I think the highlight for me is playing Techno in Berghain (Berlin). It really is one of the best clubs in the world, if not the best.

7. What can fans expect upon your return this Saturday at Burdekin? I'm really looking forward to playing a DJHMC Techno set as opposed to an LNTG Disco set. You can expect to hear some great Techno grooves. Some old and some of my new favourite tracks.

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Hosted by Something Else and Charades, you can grab your tickets to see DJ HMC at the The Burdekin Hotel in Sydney on Feb 7 here

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