The year was 1996. Two years earlier, Alexander Coe had become the face of DJing with the now infamous "Sasha: Son Of God?" Mixmag cover, helping to launch a new brand of DJ. One who relished celebrity and the limelight instead of hiding from it, pushing DJs into global superstardom for the first time.

It would make sense, then, that along the way DJs would have their faces and "stats" become part of a trading card series. Well, it might not make sense per se, but it happened, and that's enough for us. 

Issued by Berlin label K7Stud!o, K7 DJ Trading Cards were intended as a promotional tool for Mr. C’s X-MIX: The Electronic Storm mix CD. Complete with info like average BPM, total DJ bookings, size of record collection and longest DJ set, and DJs that include Sven Vath, Carl Craig, Josh Wink and Carl Cox, these cards are nothing short of amazing. 


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