Avicii, Martin Garrix and many other multi millionaire DJs are reportedly using pirated software to make music.

Video footage released online reveals that some of the biggest names in electronic music are using illegal copies of music making software such as the popular synthesizer plugin Sylenth1.

Tim Bergling, aka Avicii, has become one of the world’s best-known DJs in recent years having crossed into the mainstream with global hits like ‘Wake Me Up’ and ‘Hey Brother’. With a net worth estimated at US$60 million the Swede has plenty of money in the bank and has even splurged on a Hollywood Hills mansion.

However some of the tracks he made his millions with were produced with the help of pirated software.

In an interview with Future Music Magazine Avicii proudly shows his setup and the associated video reveals that he’s using a cracked version of Lennar Digital’s popular Sylenth1 plugin.

The plugin, which appears 42 minutes into the video, is registered to “Team VTX 2011,” referencing the name of a well-known cracking group.

Avicii came to fame after being discovered by Universal Music’s Per Sundin, who was one of the main witnesses against the Pirate Bay four during the 2009 trial.

Avicii’s “Team VTX 2011″ plugin

 photo 3c645179-862a-44ba-817b-bfe89dd2c9b4_zps178a5043.jpg

The interview was recorded some time ago and so does not indicate that he is still using pirated version of software. But Avicii is not he only DJ to be caught red handed.

Just a few months ago DJ Deadmau5 called out Martin Garrix on Twitter for making the same mistake. Garrix, who’s also a multi-millionaire, was using a version cracked by “Team AIR.”

Garrix’ “Team Air” plugin

 photo 3336ae59-58e3-4f4d-81a5-181690a3092e_zpsd2e2003d.jpg

Steve Aoki, who is worth an estimated US$45 million has previously been accused of using a pirated copy of Sylenth1. Responding to the revelation, Aoki came up with proof showing that he did own a proper license, but that his road team forgot to use it.

“I had asked my road team to help me load in my production software and apparently they didn’t ask Jacob for the authorization code for Sylenth and installed a pirated version,” Aoki said.

In a interview with Future Music Magazine, Norwegian DJ Aleksander Vinter, aka Savant, uses a pirated copy of Ohmicide.

On its website, Ohmicide says it understands that “not everybody can afford to spend several hundred dollars for a piece of software while you have other bills to pay in times of crisis.”

Savant’s “Team Air” plugin

 photo 1eaf536c-ac09-47f4-915b-077991269502_zps538e2249.jpg

It seems it is not just cash strapped teens who are looking to save some money by using illegally downloaded software; even those with millions in the bank sometimes opt to use it as well.

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