Cookies Vol. 3
Terminal M


The series ‘Cookies’ by Terminal M was conceived according to a clear concept: to offer sweet dance floor delicacies made by lesser-known techno boulangers via the brand of top chef, Monika Kruse. The third offering tastes very decent but is certainly not avant-garde cuisine. That’s not to say these four tracks are unappetizing. Quite au contraire: these are well-baked slabs of music, undoubtedly extremely effective when fitted into the stream of a tech house set. Moreover, the mastering of these pieces is deliciously crisp, a trademark feature of the label.

Take for instance ‘Mascara’, which is the result of another collaboration between Hungarian producer Collective Machine, who already has a considerable number of releases on his discography, and Spencer K, an up-coming artist from France. The track is built around a vigorous beat pattern that got me hooked right away. Lush synth sounds, some high-pitched background sounds, a vocal sample cut to achieve a staccato effect and a predictable yet efficient break are the finishing ingredients.

One could say Alexander Aurel’s ‘Lower Fuller’ is tarred with the same brush although his portion is more straightforward and more percussion-based. Earlier this year, Terminal M released a full EP from the German newcomer, which featured a remix by Paul C & Paolo Martini. The Italian duo also has a cookie of their own here, although I believe it isn’t their best work. ‘Switch’, as it is called, is a dub that relies heavily on a car horn sound and a dispensable vocal sample in their native tongue.

The most tasteful treat of the ensemble is ‘Natural’ by Mladen Tomic. Of course, the Bosnian DJ/ producer is well-experienced, but it can be said that he is still too little known by a large part of the public. His track is the most purist of the four but it definitely works best, thanks mostly to its groovy sub bass as well as its well-timed high hats and long-stretched break.

1. Collective Machine & Spencer K: Mascara
2. Paul C & Paolo Martini: Switch
3. Mladen Tomic: Natural
4. Alexander Aurel: Lower Fuller

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