PH Fat have released a new tune that’s sure to be accidentally “stuck in my head so I have to sing it” (girls), spoken of as "a load of crap” (guys). ‘If He Can’t Dance’ whips guys into shape in clubs everywhere – ‘cos if he can’t dance, “then he can’t fuck neither, and if he can’t fuck, bitch I wouldn’t wanna be ya”.

PH Fat’s ‘Lights Out’ which also featured Jung Freud, who essentially makes this track, was a major hit this year – arguably the most played South African hip hop track on commercial radio, and possibly the most played commercial electronic track in the country this year.

It’s a little disappointing that ‘If He Can’t Dance’ sounds so similar to ‘Lights Out’. Not only does it use exactly the same bass instrument but the song is also in the same key. Come on PH Fat, we know you can do better – I LOVE this new track – it's hot and daring - so why not take it to the next level by making it in a new key with a different kind of bass and maybe a few new instruments? Extra rhythms? You’ve surprised us with the content. Now surprise us with invention in the producing skills.

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