Christian Wünsch
Unknown Landscapes Vol. 2


In a time when DJ mixes and podcasts flood the internet, and when individual tracks are preferred above full EPs or long players, the format of the mix album seems almost redundant. If a label nowadays fancies putting such a mixed compilation on the market, it surely has to walk the extra mile. In the case of the series ‘Unknown Landscapes’ from PoleGroup, the current standing of this Spanish techno label and of the artists it represents is a distinct asset.

Owned by veteran Oscar Mulero and responsible for an astonishing collection of EPs and albums by national talents such as Reeko, Kwartz and Exium, PoleGroup has risen to the upper echelons of the international techno complex in relatively short time. The main enticement to ‘Unknown Landscapes’ however, is the fact that all featured tracks are brand new and from some of the most prolific producers in techno today.

While Mulero himself mixed the first instalment, it’s friend Christian Wünsch who takes care of this second. Wünsch has his origins in Monaco but has long since been living in Northern Spain. Though he already released a long string of 12inches, he only debuted with an albumon PoleGroup this year. Moreover, he collaborates with Mulero on the project Spherical Coordinates.

His mix opens with the straight beat pattern of Reeko’s ‘Busted’ and then gradually accelerates while the thickness in sound augments. Wünsch guides the music along a clear path with several milestones, such as ‘Close Resemblance’ by Adriana Lopez. Halfway through the excursion things are getting rougher as Wünsch’ own spellbinding ‘Beta v.5.0’ passes into ‘TV Treated’ by Error Etica – an alias of Victor Martinez – a steadily pounding track that evokes a skyline of industrial debris. Other highlights on this enthralling trip are Ben Gibson’s ‘Divine Process’, Subjected’s ‘ Shift’ and the grandiose ending sequence of ‘Zebog’ by Dutchman Darko Esser, a.k.a. Tripeo.

1. Reeko – Busted
2. Claudio PRC – Atik
3. Kessell – Kelva
4. Tensal – PGA1
5. Lewis Fautzi – Desinformation
6. Adriana Lopez – Close Resemblance
7. Ness – Neuronic
8. Woo York – Farewell Old Friend
9. Spherical Coordinates – SCNWO-20
10. Christian Wünsch – Beta v.0.5
11. Error Etica – TV Treated
12. Giorgio Gigli – Synergetic Exposure
13. Donor – Cell 424
14. Oscar Mulero – Northern Work
15. Go Hiyama – Mean
16. Ben Gibson – Devine Process
17. Exium – Arkanis
18. P.E.A.R.L. – Memoria
19. Subjected – Shift
20. Kwartz – Control
21. Tripeo – Zebog

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