Packing as much party into the club's final month as possible, Trouw Amsterdam has revealed plans for a 35-hour extravaganza next month. 

Called The Last December Weekender, the party begins at 10pm on Saturday the 27th and run at least 35 hours, right into Monday morning. Saturday will be all about techno, with guests including Marcel Fengler, Peter van Hoesen and resident Sandrien in the main room. 

Sunday at 8am sees the next phase begin, with Irish star Mano Le Tough, Italian duo Tale Of Us and Marcus Wargull in the main room, with Kim Ann Foxman, Tita and a back-to-back set from Sandrien and Carlos Valdes in De Verdieping for ...Is Burning.

This will be one of Trouw's final events before closure on January 3rd, so if you've never been, this would be one hell of a time to go. 

[Via RA]

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