Underground techno producer Surgeon surprised his fans recently when he played a support set for pop icon Lady Gaga on her recent ArtRave tour. Now in an interview with Bloc Weekend the Birmingham producer has revealed just how the whole scenario cam about.

“I’m interested in many different artists and believe there’s always something to learn from great performers,” he reveals. “So in October my wife and I went to the Lady Gaga concert in Birmingham and I was surprised to hear one of her support acts, Lady Starlight, playing a ‘real’ techno live set. Then she said, ‘I’m happy to be playing in Birmingham tonight as one of my techno heroes, Surgeon, is from here.’ To say I was surprised is a massive understatement!”

He goes on to explain how he met Starlight after the show and immediately bonded.

“She’s like the techno sister that I was separated from at birth. Since their tour was returning to Birmingham in November we had the idea to perform together. The gig was the most fun ever, there’s an amazing onstage chemistry between us. Lady Gaga came out to see our set and she could see the energy we created and was very enthusiastic about it. So much so that she asked us to perform together at their last tour date in Paris.”

The underground master concludes, “Of course we knew it would surprise people. It’s so absurd, I would never have imagined it in a million years before we met, but when the universe holds up such a massive sign, I have to pay attention.”

[Via Mixmag]

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