The UK’s dubstep-pioneer-turned-house-and-disco-DJ, Skream, has joined the growing number of DJs controversially speaking out against the EDM phenomenon.

Speaking to FACT he spoke of his dislike for the style of music, “EDM, the whole style of music, I fucking can’t stand it anymore.”

He then went on to criticize the disparity in terms of artists' earnings by saying, “You see Calvin Harris earning $46m in a year – when you’re talking about money like that, that automatically segregates it from everything else. Meanwhile, people have been grafting their bollocks off for years, and barely getting paid to do shows. So I think it has become two different worlds.”

Skream isn’t alone in his public decrying of EDM, as we know, Seth Troxler has been very vocal on the subject in recent times.

Skream believes the popularity for EDM is waning and that ‘deep house’ is beginning to make waves in the global dance music scene, “EDM is alienating itself. I’m quite interested to see where it’s going to go next, because we’ve seen Ultra Music are now promoting deep house.”

He then alludes to the trickle-down effect of EDM, “At the moment, it feels like people are realising that the music that is involved is shite. And now good music is starting to become popular.”

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