Serotonin Arts celebrates its debut artist, released on 24 November 2014, representing the techno deep house music scene in South Africa. Serotonin Arts is a media label that spans art, fashion, design, and music, with a specialisation in techno and deep house music. The label is spawned from the underground roots of electronic techno, and deep house music in South Africa. The founder has 10 years experience in the South African music industry managing venues, event promoting, and marketing. Serotonin Arts launches the label with the label’s first artist - Cerotonin.

Within 1 month of the Cerotonin website going live, along with pre-release marketing, Cerotonin has already attained international eye-balls anticipating the official launch of Cerotonin’s debut single Circadian Rhythm, released today (24 November 2014).

The debut single Circadian Rhythm by Cerotonin has melodic thumps and joyous vocals that are reminiscent of the deep house we all love, yet it is fabricated with a pulsating, unique sound. A techno/deep house artist on the Serotonin Arts label has released Circadian Rhythm on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play store, Deezer, Spotify and Shazam. The album art, for Circadian Rhythm, has being designed by renowned art director Ph0mee. Ph0mee has also directed and created all the art for the label thus far including the website, social media pages, and concept art. The idea is that the music embodies artistic depth and should be imbued with visual artistic support across all visual mediums.

Download 'Circadian Rhythm' - Cerotonin - here

The aim of Serotonin Arts is to showcase quality South African talent and bridge the gap between international and local acts, by securing international exposure for the artists and broker international contacts for their careers that will ultimately bring local talent closer to the international stage. The founder of Serotonin Arts plans to do this with his extensive entrepreneurial experience, having sold his first successful business for a profit at the age of 19, as well as professional experience dealings with international artists and companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tom Novy, Seth Troxler, Neato C, Akon, Canoc Productions, and LoveParty. Therefore, Serotonin Arts plans to release more music and begin scouting for new talent to join the label, as well as explore the other opportunities across media, music, fashion, art and design.

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