Magic Door is set to make its London debut on Friday 12th December at Red Gallery in Shoreditch. The eclectic party started life in Birmingham in 150-capacity venues and has grown to fill 1000-capacity on word of mouth alone, such is its wild reputation.

The night focuses on the overall experience rather than big name DJs, so expect creative productions, costumes and performers alongside a disco, house and techno soundtrack.
Promoter Jit says:

“Quite often, most people who go out clubbing have the most fun when things get a little bit silly back at an after party. What we wanted to do was bring an element of that, but to the start of the night and try to get people to smile all night. This is why we have a Magic Door. The door embodies the night, but also by physically going through it too, it fast-tracks you to a point where your inhibitions are gone and you embrace all things silly and fun.

We are trying to create a party which is unique, away from the standardised club experience, with a real communal feel. Lots of our friends help out in some capacity and everyone is really on board with the ethos of the night.”

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