Eats Everything’s has compiled his first commercial mix, Fries With That?, which will drop on 26th January 2015 via Hypercolour.

The release features two CDs with a diverse range of artists featured, including Herbert, Mr. G, Neville Watson and Radio Slave.

Two vinyl samplers will also be released alongside the CD and digital versions.

Pearce said:

"These mixes have been a labour of love for me, and something that I really wanted to get across in the right way.

Disc One is a collection of records that I am really feeling at the moment and hope will stand the test of time as a mix CD that you can listen to for years to come, whilst Disc Two is basically a collection of my classics, either records I grew up with, ones that got me into house/techno, or I have discovered along the way and have become classics to me, even if I have only known them for a short while."


CD 1: (Main Course)

01. Neville Watson – Red Light Fever

02. Flux Mode – Tumba

03. S.W.A.T. – Rites Of Passage

04. Arun Verone – The Coming (Keep It Coming)

05. Joeski – Mind Body & Soul

06. Herbert – Got To Be Movin' (On The Dancefloor)

7. Tusqavna - We Don't Know You (Silicone Soul Remix)

8. Nikola Gala – The Phunk

09. Oushe – Daveena

10. Little By Little – Stress
11. Quell – The Regular

12. Radio Slave – Repeat Myself

13. Daniel Trim – Asimo

14. Mr. G - Mangos In Season

15. Roberto - First Principles (Eats Everything’s Derrick Carter - Where Ya At Acapella & Synthapella Mash-Up Reebeef)

16. Decius - Gay Futures

17. Kingpin Cartel - Ghetto

CD 2: (Dessert)
01. Korda – Move Your Body (To The Sound)
02. The Creator Session – Body & Soul
03. Djaimin - Open The Door (DJ Shorty Zanzibar Stomper Mix)
04. Jump – Funkatarium
05. G.O.D LTD – Untitled
06. The Kick Junkie - Kick It In (Wicked Mix)
07. G-Man - Quo Vadis
08. Robotman - Never (DBX Mix)
09. PMT – Gyromancer
10. Doug Lazy - Rollin On (SPS Dub)
11. Aleem - Filtri Organi (Main Mix)
12. Jose Nunez - Mama Love (Original Mix)
13. Mambo - Do You Want Me Do You Want Me (Mudmens Dirty Mix)
14. Voices Of Life - The Word Is Love (Silk's Anthem Of Life)

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