Over the years Deluxe was an institution in Cape Town, holding a night of house and funk and building a die-hard community who now reminisce about the old days with sweet nostalgia that is very apparent on social media. Tomorrow night (22 November) Manila Bar and Deluxe present a once off event. We sat down with original resident DJ Erefaan Pearce to wax lyrical about his beloved Deluxe.

"Cape Town's Deluxe opened in the wake of clubs like Sutra and the rather legendary Club More. I’m not going to reference dates as its immaterial. I wish to paint a picture without time stamps. I wish to relate what took place at Deluxe and the people who made it happen.

I was one of the original Deluxe residents. The venue was a very different creature then to the one we know with styling and decor harked back to the 70’s. It became the epicentre for house heads and the house scene in Cape Town all be that a predominately “coloured” audience. That wasn't always the case though. The venue went through numerous changes who in ownership. The original vision was for a high-end deep house mecca catering to a sophisticated audience. The original owner, a hardened music lover, wanted sophisticated dance music in a beautiful venue.

Not long after, the venue changed hands and the musical policy changed. This time leaning in a more mainstream direction. it was a good time for Deluxe. Throngs of people armed with high disposable income frequented the venue. It garnered the exclusive audience it had yearned for but fell short musically.

The club scene, like many things, moves in cycles. After a while, the venue went from thriving to extremely quiet as promoters for that scene moved on to greener pastures.

Acquisition of a new partner and partnering with a bevy of fresh promoters were the catalysts to which shifted Deluxe into a new phase and into becoming a second home for us all.

It was home to my studio and where I hosted my first event, Soul Revolution. And the rest is history. Hosting as many local house music originators as it did revered international stars of the genre from Jimpster to Nick Holder to Monique Bingham.. Deluxe became an institution.

So "For One Night Only", we take things back to a simpler time filled with great music and many smiling faces."

8-9pm Emlyn Williams
9-10pm Alvin Saal
10-12am Clint Hill & Regan Human
12-2am Lester Batchelor & Erefaan Pearce
2-4am Leighton Moody & Odwa Noah

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