Young Turks has called out Hugo Boss over a recent ad campaign soundtrack which might sound familiar to fans of The XX.

Young Turks alleges the fashion house has ripped off The XX’s ‘Intro’ on their 2014 ad ‘Master the Light’. So said the label on Twitter: "As a firm built around original design, isn't it odd that you'd pay for such a poorly disguised fake?"

Pitchfork quickly publicized the claim, and sat the videos side by side allowing fans to compare the two. The Twittersphere immediately exploded with comments such as “Same key, bpm, proportions, melodies…wow”.

As a result of Young Turks’ allegation, the ad has been taken down and replaced with the text “This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by UMPI”. But we dug deep to find one of the few remaining links.

Social Media has spoken, now you be the judge:

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