Epic trance/house/techno party Red Telephone Daylight Vibrations is busy selling out already – today all early bird tickets are sold out. The regular party, held every couple of months at The Train Lodge in Cape Town, is bringing a sharp edged line-up to its followers on 1 November, including El Gordo, Deadbeat FM, YETI, Ian Skene, and many more.

The train lodge is an intriguing venue – raw and rough edged, but nostalgic. The dancefloor was created between two railway tracks with old trains still on them, where party goers can “lodge” overnight in one of the cabins. The idea is brilliant as it provides the same kind of circumstances as a getaway trance party does – party and drop. The atmosphere here is strange, and gives the feeling of being in some kind of Alice in Wonderland parallel universe. Maybe “down the rabbit hole” would be more appropriate – the feeling one gets moving through the train passages, down walkways between trains. There is also a back garden area with a swimming pool, reminiscent of that “zef” slightly decrepit suburban vibe you find in many parts in SA. There’s an outside bar and people milling around on patio chairs. It’s nice. But naughty.

The Deadbeat FM DJ/Producer duo is “dedicated to bringing a vulgar new sound to the tech scene. The unholy union of notorious psy-trance producer, Deliriant (Shane), with a multitude of international gigs and releases under his belt, and Johnny Rook (Piers), the shady breaks peddler from the seediest bars downtown”.

The trips, tricks and harmonic journeys of YETI will also kick off the night. I had the pleasure of seeing him at ERA club (CT) a few weeks ago, and he definitely helps dancing kids become more like jumping prehistoric versions of themselves.

Tech and house kids will also get their fix, from Cape Town popular princes of the scene like Ian Skene and El Gordo, along with their quality playmates.

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