With a career spanning two decades, Victor Calderone has truly left his mark on the New York music scene. This weekend, he is launching his highly anticipated MATTER+ residency at the newly opened Space Ibiza New York located in Hells Kitchen. Ahead of the event, we had a chance to catch up with Victor for a quick chat about memorable moments from his summer, his thoughts about the new club, what we can look forward to at MATTER+ parties, and his favorite former NYC residency.

After your long history and DJ residencies at NYC nightclubs - which past residency is the most dear to your heart and why? I would have to say Crobar. We were just coming out of the Giuliani era. NYC nightlife was on the upswing. New venues were opening and people were excited again. Crobar was the definition of the "big room." It allowed for dramatic lighting and decor installations and I took full advantage of that. When I started my EVOLVE residency at Crobar I decided to push my start time to 4am and I would play well into 4 or 5pm the next afternoon. I feel this created a diverse audience of serious music followers and diehard fans of the EVOLVE brand. I really got the chance to settle in and take risks and play with a sense of freedom because people were there to lose themselves and dance. It was not about the sensory overload you see and hear today. It was a journey and people would sleep before and wake up ready for it.

Summer has finally come to an end - what was one of your most memorable gigs this summer? Cacao Beach Bulgaria. I have been playing there for over five years now and I look forward to it every year. The people are present and passionate about the music, and you can feel that energy. As a DJ you can not ask for a better audience to play for. The location is just spectacular! It's one of the best parties I have played in all my travels, one of the most amazing sunrises I have seen and the production is top notch. I’m always buzzing for days after playing this event.

What are your first impressions about the new Space Ibiza NY venue? Why did you decide on a new residency there? I had been hearing the rumors of Space Ibiza opening for well over a year but it was not until recently that I did a walkthrough. I think it’s fair to say we have all been waiting for a proper new venue to open. The weight and legacy of the Space Ibiza brand coming to NYC had me both excited and confident that I could build a strong new residency and brand. The moment I walked the room I immediately noticed it had a good footprint. The open sightline and easy flow were what I had been looking for in a venue. After hearing what the operators had planned in regards to sound, lighting and programming, I felt it would be the right fit for MATTER+.

What can we expect from the residency in the coming months? I hope to create a new forum for NYC, myself and the new generation of clubbers. Somewhere for us to be inspired and feel that sense of community. a room where I can break in a new track to the point that the audience is waiting for it. I remember being on the dance-floor all night waiting to hear that "song” and then getting so inspired that I would leave the club and go right into my studio to work rather than go to sleep. I realize the landscape has changed quite a bit but this is my reference of what being on the dance-floor is about. As you know, I don’t live in the past but I do know some of the components that made it special and I hope to apply them at MATTER+.

What are your top 3 tracks right now? 1. Phobia - Victor Calderone (unreleased), 2. Wasp - Traumer (Calderone Edit) / Desolat, 3. Workout - Truncate (Calderone Edit) / Cocoon.

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