Monty The Fly
Free Three Ways EP
Nothing Odd


If you happened to check in with the inaugural release from Nothing Odd Recordings, then you’ll no doubt already be aware of the label’s modus operandi. In short, it’s house music, but it’s house music of a twisted and dark variety; the type that's been produced to provoke your senses and send you into a state of deeper thought. On their latest, the label continues their most auspicious start to life courtesy of label owner Sam Smith aka Monty The Fly. The 'Free Three Ways' EP sees him take the reins for a seriously eclectic and unusual offering whereby each track retains its own unusual flavour. What's more, it's one that leaves a telling impression too.

The action kicks off with ‘Cocopox’, an almost minimal offering that basks in only a few parts. Regardless, it’s expertly put together, and the moody vibes are offset by various other sinister tidbits that linger throughout. ‘ABV’ is a warmer track that goes down further ghoulish alleys, with an experimental, Matthew Herbert-esque vibe about it. While it’s hardly peak-time fodder, it captivates in a more subtle and discerning method. Culminating effort ‘Ahradic’ is the pick of the litter. A zippy and wonderful effort, it glides with a real ease, gradually unfurling into a groover of some proportions. There’s plenty that’s odd about this release – but we gather that’s exactly what the man behind the music was going for.

1. ABV
2. Ahradic
3. Cocopox