According to Laidback Luke, the future of dance music is "future house". What is that exactly? It's a new sound he's using to describe music made by himself and guys like Oliver Heldens, which fuses EDM with deep house.

"I’m really into the future house stuff right now," he recently told inthemix. "That to me is basically deep house garage mixed down in an EDM vibe. The stuff that Oliver Heldens is doing, Tchami as well. To me that gives us a whole new playfield. In EDM we’ve kind of reached our peak, we don’t know what’s creative anymore and what stuff we can do. Basically this is a whole new open palette to start experimenting on, taking it somewhere it’s never been before."

The Dutch DJ even took the time to explain his new genre to a fan on twitter.

 photo tweet_zps6416ca8f.jpg

Still interested in what this "future house" actually sounds like? Have a listen to Laidback Luke's latest remix of Alex Metric below. And if you like that and are thirsty for more, then this here should keep you busy.

Laidback Luke is set to to headline a very special Stereosonic Livestream launch party this month. Details here.

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