Hello Beautiful is preparing to release his first album on Tuesday to a quickly growing throng of synth fans. Matthieu Auriacombe is a producer from Cape Town who makes ‘electronic indie music’ …’it’s dancey and it’s catchy. It’s pretty much a party’.

Known previously for his role as bassist for Beach Party and Kidofdoom, his ongoing love for drum ‘n bass and synths led him to the Hello Beautiful project, which saw the release of his first solo EP ‘Supernova Love’ this time last year. In appreciation of support in recent months he has just made the EP available for free download.

The EP features some of the most talented vocalists and musicians in the South African indie scene, including Laudo Liebenberg from Aking, Peach van Pletzen from Yesterday’s Pupil and Bittereinder, Wim Jansen van Rensburg from Pity the Fool, Danielle Hitchcock and David Gabriel Thorpe. We are hoping to see some more interesting collaborations in the forthcoming album.

Hello Beautiful has already been plenty busy playing gigs around the country, and has a lot planned including some Halloween gigs this weekend (he’ll be playing at Arcade Empire, Pretoria on Friday 31 October and an Untamed Youth party at Kitchener’s on Saturday 1 November).

Check back with us next week for the album and reviews.

Photo: Christo Potgieter

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