Recondite’s early years making music were spent amongst the rural natural landscapes of Bavaria in the South of Germany. There, Lorenz Brunner honed his unique and almost delicate approach to techno, crafting the sweeping, cinematic tracks we hear today, along with the material he uses in his live show – which is made up of solely his own productions, of which there are hundreds for him to draw upon depending on the mood.

A resident of Richie Hawtin's ENTER., Recondite has made an impressive mark on the island after just one season. His live performances are an obvious stand out among such a heavily saturated market, prompting us to reach out and speak to the German about what it means to be a live electronic music artist these days. Now, Recondite is amongst the nominees for the Electronic Live Performance category at the DJ Awards, so we caught up with the Brunner for a quick chat about the influence of nature, Ibiza and new releases.

What sparked your interest in creating electronic music? The fact that you can do it everywhere and still be as complex as if you would have a huge studio available. I also like the fact that it works without vocals.

Is the music you make heavily influenced by your surroundings? Absolutely – my surroundings, the environment and people are my main inspiration.

I understand you are particularly connected to nature – how does this manifest itself in your music? What role do field recordings play in your music? Nature is where I grew up. I spent a lot of time alone in the woods as a child trying to build a shelter – I don’t know what for, maybe some imaginary opponents! This surrounding had a big influence on me and field recordings are a nice way to get unique samples from an organic source.

Your recent release on Innervisions has a more cinematic and melodic tone compared to the latest release on Rødhåd’s label Dystopian, yet you still maintain your signature flare – how do you manage this? Is it important to keep things varied? Keeping things varied and being open to the natural change of things that happen is one of the key aspects in life in my opinion. Rigidity kills.

A fingerprint though, will never change – even if you look completely different after 90 years of life compared to your childhood. So a signature stays if you are true to yourself.

‘Caldera’ has just been released on Hotflush – tell us about the release. Was there a mood you were trying to convey? Caldera was made in a phase where I was between a harder drive and a softer touch.

‘DRGN’ featured on your first Hotflush release – is ‘DRGN2’ simply a continuation of the mood of that track? Yes, I would say so – a different perspective, just an additional layout.

You’re from a rural area in Germany – what kind of influence does this have on your music? Like I said before – the remote location and the close connection to nature that comes with it will always be an integral part of my personality. The way of living – the people’s moods, the distinctive mind-sets of the locals, the habits and practices, the dialect and the touching points with farming life are a big part of what made me who I am.

Does Berlin inspire your artistic endeavours? Of course – I live there and everything I experience inspires me!

You’ve played at ENTER. and Sankeys in Ibiza this summer – How have you found the island so far? Better than I thought, to be honest. Richie Hawtin’s ENTER.Mind room is a great example of how different the island can be to what you usually expect. Depending what you make out of the time you spend there, it can be very beautiful and remote also.

Are there any other particular locations that have provided you with strong inspiration? Lower Bavaria, Tyrol, Berlin, New York City.

You’ve been nominated for the award for Electronic Live Performance at the DJ Awards – what does this kind of recognition mean to you as a live act? It means and shows recognition, respect and appreciation to me. I’m glad and say thank you.

Finally, what can we expect from you in terms of gigs and releases in the future? You can expect me touring almost every weekend for this and next year trying to show my musical ideas to as many people as possible, if they want to.

There will be a new album too quite soon actually. You will hear more of that sooner or later – it’s inevitable.

Recondite has been nominated for the Electronic Live Performance category in the 2014 DJ Awards, which take place 22nd September 2014 at Pacha Ibiza.

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