It's a question we are all confronted with at some point - how far would you go to keep partying? An anonymous UK man has raised the bar, faking his own kidnapping for a few extra hours of frivolity.

With a friend posing as his captor, the 32 year old Bolton male told his girlfriend he was being held hostage, and would not be release until a 50 pound debt was paid. Apparently hostages go pretty cheap in Bolton.

Panic stricken, his girlfriend contacted police, who sent a dozen officers on a door-to-door search of the neighbourhood. The man was eventually located by Greater Manchester Police shortly after 1:30am on Saturday.

"This is without doubt one of the most foolish and irresponsible cases I have been involved in", stated Detective Inspector Jo Clawson. "Significant resources were taken off the front line on a Friday night, which is without exception one of the busiest time of the week". Police chose not to charge the man, opting not to waste any further time or energy on the incident.

Maybe the bobbies should have left the job to a REAL detective...

(Via SkyNews)

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