ENTER. is a unique clubbing experience and one of the few parties that truly reinvent the club to create a wondrous feast for the senses. Visually, the clean-cut minimalistic aesthetic and strictly monochrome colour scheme add the strongest elements of style and design with Hawtin’s vision clear from the outset.

ENTER. produces a genuinely bespoke clubbing experience that not many other contemporaries can offer. Combine these stunning elements with the futuristic sound of Space and you’ve got a party of other-worldly proportions. The other-worldly nature of Thursday’s party was heightened to its maximum potential with the arrival of Ibiza’s techno lord, Sven Vath.

Early on, Claude Von Stroke was treating the Terrace crowd to his music that was undeniably of his own brand. Bumping through his energetic set, the big man gave a collection of music that was packed full of bold, chunky beats and infectious dance floor cuts.

It take long before the pull of the Discoteca could be felt though – as if those giant Funktion One stacks were magnets, pulling us ever closer to the music. Again we found ourselves weaving our way to the back of the DJ booth to snap some photos as so many people clamoured to be behind Richie at the end of his set. Richie completed his set with Recondite’s floating ‘Caldera’ before embraces were exchanged and the responsibility was passed over to ENTER.’s enormously special guest.

Sven truly is a master of the epic techno journey and here we were locked in for the long ride with our favourite German maestro. Beginning with a typically murky array of selections, Sven kept proceedings deep and jacking early on. Swung rhythms played a huge part in Sven’s opening salvo of tracks, with the breathy distant vocal of DJ Koze’s remix of ‘Bad Kingdom’ pounding from the Funktion Ones. Without doubt one of the most effective and emotion filled tracks of the summer – that bass line does untold things on the dance floor.

These jacking rhythms instilled the groove in all of us as Sven ever so slowly tilted proceedings into peak-time direction with the raw power of De Sluwe Vos’ ‘The Bullet’ pounding throughout Space’s largest room. At this stage we were compelled to stay with Sven on his journey, unwilling to break the bond that he was slowly building. The swung percussion then began to make way for all-out pounding techno exercises – straight up stompers.

Subtle peaks and troughs shaped a persistence of monumental hair-raising moments that seemed to feel ever more euphoric with each passing. Sven would serve up deep heady swells of music, without a clap to be heard – just pure propulsive energy pouring from the German master and his two slabs of vinyl.

Friends left to go check out the Terrace, but I couldn’t leave, I didn’t want to break the solid connection that had been formed as another emotive break down led into the warm attack of Daniel Stefanik’s ‘Signs’.

The ups and downs of the set gave way for the hypnotic daze-inducing deep excursions that Papa Sven was laying down – each time he’d carefully give the revellers a breather before dropping the energy back onto the dance floor with perfect timing and skill.

Sven played the conductor in the booth, with some of his many followers crowded behind him – smiling as he dropped Alan Fitzpatrick’s huge ‘Truant’ and segueing into the euphoric, almost trance-like ‘Canvas’ by Timmo. These moments become some of Sven’s finest, most memorable and most joyous – when huge swathes of glittering synth melody wash over the room as a complete musical manifestation of our elated states of mind. Similarly Gregor Tresher’s ‘About A Good Place’ served as a colourful and blissed-out piece of dance floor fare, ideally suited the jubilant situation.

Shimmering confetti and icy explosions from the CO2 cannons almost snapped us back to reality as the atmosphere became more heady, more hedonistic and more mind-altering.

With the hours shooting by, we were left in the early hours of the morning to contemplate our good fortune at being guided through a euphoric techno epic by the ultimate techno DJ on the White Isle. Ibiza, Sven and Space came together to form one of those special White Isle moments we will cherish for years to come.

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