The Lost In Ibiza boat party is up there with the best in serving up high quality acts from the world of house and techno. Wednesday’s star guest, Patrick Topping, has been enjoying a particularly impressive summer, largely down to the huge popularity of his productions, which have captured the imagination of party-goers all over the White Isle. We’ve all heard ‘Forget’ just about everywhere on the island and Patrick’s popularity is growing at an exponential rate.

This popularity is evident wherever he plays, with people asking for photos and reserving some of the most enthusiastic reactions for his music. The chance to see the Hot Creations star on a 200-capacity boat along with a glorious sunset was something we were particularly keen on getting involved in.

The pre-party drinks were flowing amongst the largely British crowd, with a strong Geordie contingent supporting the North East’s newest house hero. Full of anticipation, they boarded the boat for an evening of sea-faring revelry. With the boat swaying and rocking amongst the waves, the crowd was treated to a warm-up of bumping tech-house sounds served up by Newcastle’s Motion residents. These sounds then morphed towards more of a jacking ‘90s vibe, with shuffling swung rhythms inducing more excitement amongst the exuberant crowd, as the drinks continued to flow and the boat settled in an idyllic corner by the rocky Ibiza coast.

The sun cast an orange hue as it slowly approached the horizon and the man everyone was waiting for stepped up to the decks – delivering ‘Get Beasty’, which utilises one of those unmistakeably chunky Topping bass lines, the energy of the party stepped up a notch. Hands were in the air, the universal sign of dance floor appreciation, as Topping rattled through a selection of stomping house cuts. Topping is certainly a bass line man – he’s mastered the art of creating those throbbing bass sounds that guarantee an animated crowd.

His simple yet effective dance floor fare combined with witnessing the stunning Ibiza sunset created an abundance of feel-good spirit. There’s certainly something about being out on the ocean listening to music that creates special moments, and as always, a beautiful setting can complete the experience.

Topping continued to lay down his punchy brand of dance floor cuts, from the almost eerie sounds of Kings Of Tomorrow’s ‘Fade II Black’ to the trippy, glitchy sounds of HRDVSION’s ‘Mr. Loser’, all of which had the revellers in fits of excitement. However, the most excited reactions were reserved for Topping’s own productions, which are always instantly recognisable. He has an uncanny ability to meld snappy percussion, raw bass lines and quirky sounds to create accessible house cuts. The sounds of ‘Forget’ and new track ‘Holiday’ received suitably huge reactions from the party-goers, arms aloft, girls screaming and people jumping around in general.

Patrick brought his feel-good party spirit to the high seas and left the revellers suitably warmed-up for their evening of White Isle adventures. A star continuing to rise, we get the feeling that seeing Patrick Topping in such an intimate environment is going to become extremely rare in the near future.

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