Maceo Plex
'Conjure Superstar'


Maceo Plex has been around under various monikers since the early two thousands, but that hasn't stopped him from slowing down at all. Despite the fact that he's quickly turning into a veteran of the electronic music world, his sound is as innovative as ever, and the music he produces serves as testament to that fact. His latest release is a track called "Conjure Superstar," and aside from it just being a expertly crafted dance track, it's also a shrewd sonic commentary on today's club culture. There's not a lot of dialogue in the song on the topic, in fact the vocal sampling is used more as a texture than as lyrics, but the sounds he weaves together are clever plays on what you might hear a lot of right now, albeit with a clever twist and a much more refined approach. This is by no means Maceo Plex's first pass at a dance floor filler, so even the most picky of listeners will be able to find something they like in this release.

"Conjure Superstar" is part of his ongoing 'Conjure' series, and the song reflects, on a micro level, the effortless cool that Maceo Plex has been able to cultivate with this body of work. The beat is pretty bare-bones at the beginning, but it serves as a great appetizer for the body of the song. As Maceo Plex folds in more and more layers of synth work and ambient textures, you're treated to a very dramatic build up that not only telegraphs a fantastic ending, but opens the song up early on so his transition into the bigger sections of "Conure Superstar" don't feel out of place or unexpected. Overall, it's got all the right elements necessary to get people moving while it blasts over the dance floor, and after you've heard the whole thing all the way through, you'll get why he made this his latest release amongst an already stacked line up of previous successful tracks.

1. Conjure Superstar

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