Back in 2014, one of our beloved (but long migrated) writers published an article with one simple concept: Find photos of DJs and producers, and smash their faces together until they become horrifying amalgamations of terror. He created some pretty amazing characters and new DJ supergroups here. But please, proceed with caution. 

Nervo van Buuren

Jonny Black and Kenny Snow

 photo AD_zps38bfeef2.jpg

Dave Jaar & Nico Harrington AKA Darksmash

 photo darkside_zps39831200.jpg

So Not What??

 photo sonotwhat_zps3213f847.jpg


 photo blondsmash_zpsc8bffd62.jpg

Nina Jones, Jamie Foss & Lee Las Vegas

 photo Ninalasfoss_zps7adf9911.jpg

John XX & Jamie Talabot

 photo jamiexx_zps3476907c.jpg

Dead Aoki & Steve Mau5

 photo steveaoki_zps4e758a21.jpg

Samie Jones & Jeth Troxler

 photo sethjamie_zps6e843042.jpg

Billy Hansel & Jill Patrick

 photo heidi_zps577aff4a.jpg

Little Jonny Vega


 photo LouieWhite_zpsc43c26bd.jpg

Richie Carola

 photo RichieCarola_zps5a979bac.jpg

Yuuki Jones, Dubito & Jamfire

 photo dubfire_zps15e76402.jpg

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