What were you doing at age 16? Nick Henriques, better known in the EDM community as Maxum, has already been producing and playing music for several years.  Based in Toronto, he has been able to transform his hobby into a thriving career with his productions getting the support of some of his idols including Thomas Gold and Eddie Halliwell.  Be sure to catch him this weekend at Digital Dreams Music Festival!  

We had a chance to catch up with Maxum ahead of his appearance at the festival to chat about how he got involved in the electronic music scene, how he balances his emerging career with school and friends, some of the artists who are inspiring him at the moment, and what else he's been up to.

Tell us a little about how you got started producing at such a young age. When I was about eight years old I started to DJ because my older brother was DJing. After a while I wanted to start making the music that I was playing, so I watched countless YouTube videos about production and learned over the years.

You just released a remix of Sgt Slick’s “Everyday.” How did this come about? I heard the original track a few months back and absolutely fell in love with the acapella. I knew summer was coming around and I wanted that summer feeling to the track, and the vocal fit perfectly with that. I added some piano and immediately it reminded me of a pool party. I love that type of melodic but relaxed vibe.

How do you manage to balance school, friends, and your emerging career as an artist? What are some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced so far? It’s hard balancing them but I have been managing. I try to prioritize my time according to importance and of course school comes first. The biggest challenge is having a project or test, and the night before my friends want to hang out and I have to finish a track on a deadline. Most of the time it ends up with me studying and then finishing the track and going to sleep. There will be more time for friends but opportunities in school and music may only come once.

As someone who is technically too young to experience a lot of nightlife, what has your experience been like so far with the music scene in your home city of Toronto? My experience has been great. Every time I go out it’s when a DJ invites me so there haven't been any issues yet, knock on wood.

Who are some of your favorite producers at the moment who inspire you the most? Still Young, Dimitri Vangelis and Wyman are my favorite right now. Mark my words, these guys are going to change the game and they are my biggest inspiration.

You’ve been busy in the studio working on some new collaborations. Are there any you can tell us about? I have been working with an act that made one of my favorite tracks of all time... not much I can say, but there are big things coming.

What else do you have coming up in the next few months? I am going to Portugal mid July for vacation and playing a few parties there, and when I get home my Maxum & Friends party is going to be happening which is really exciting! Other than that, there are a lot of unreleased tracks I've been working on so I'm really excited for the next few months!

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