Brazilian-born DJ Anna has grown up surrounded by music and has risen to prominence in her homeland very quickly, gaining huge numbers of fans along the way while releasing on labels like Christian Smith’s Tronic, Kraftek, Witty Tunes, Bla Bla and Toolroom Records. A few years ago she began touring Europe in an attempt to start her journey into becoming a truly global star in the world of electronic music. DJ Anna has provided us with a podcast mix and we also took the opportunity to ask her a few questions about her music, her new residency at Blue Marlin Ibiza and her Brazilian homeland.


You’ve kindly provided us with a podcast mix – can you tell us a little bit about it? Is there a particular atmosphere you’re trying to convey? Since Pulse Radio’s podcast is great and broadcasts to a big audience, I wanted to showcase some of my most recent work, including some brand new tracks, some even unsigned, and also a few of my favourite tracks from the last couple of months.

With your first interest in dance music being drum ‘n’ bass and the likes of DJ Marky, what drew you away from that sound and towards house and techno? Do you still listen to drum ‘n’ bass? DJ Marky was responsible for my first contact with electronic music. After, I started to research and explore different styles. I’ve found myself more connected with house and techno music, but I still love drum ’n’ bass, and it still makes me dance like crazy!

Did you take anything from drum ‘n’ bass musically? The powerful bass lines!

What influences the music you produce now? I take a lot of influence from early house and disco, stuff from the ‘70s and ‘80s, but lately I’ve been making a lot of techno, I’m in a kind of deeper, darker vibe, still going for the strong bass lines and groovy rhythms, but with a heavier, more serious tone, and what’s been causing this and having the most impact on me is listening to my favourite DJs right now, like Richie Hawtin, Dubfire, Gaiser, Dixon, Deetron.

Do you have many influences outside of dance music? Yes, definitely, artists like the Brazilian group called Os Mutantes, and Tim Maia, who is also Brazilian, and I love the bass lines from Cypress Hill, Nine Inch Nails - things like that.

You have played a lot throughout Europe, but only in Ibiza once. Why is this? Would you like to play on the island more often? Of course, Ibiza is the place to be and play, but I was still trying to break into the international market. Only in the past couple of years with more frequent and successful releases, the invitations started to pop up, so this year I have my first residency there at Blue Marlin, and I hope it’s the first from many to come!

So you’re playing at Blue Marlin in Ibiza this summer - can you tell us some more about these shows? I became aware of their invitation while I was on tour in Europe in January, and I was, of course, extremely happy about it. Blue Marlin is an incredible venue and I’ll have four dates there in June, July, August and September, alongside people like Agoria, Dosem, Technasia, Coyu, Chus & Ceballos, and many others.

Where else are you playing in Europe this summer? Switzerland, Romania, Greece, France, Spain, Germany, Finland, Cyprus, France, and hopefully some more places too.

What is the best location you have played in? So far, it was at 360 in Dubai. It is such a special place, in the middle of the ocean, with an amazing view and surreal vibe.

Do you have any releases coming out soon? Yes, I have a new track out today on Tronic, on their Sonar Compilation, I also have a special collaboration with a British singer called Beverly, who has an amazing voice, and it’s a little different from what I’ve been doing lately – a sort of house track with garage influences – that will be released on the Toolroom label in July. Technasia is making what will do doubt be an amazing remix of my track “Six Figures,” coming on Kraftek, then there’s another single I’m in the process of signing to a very special label (hopefully the news will be announced soon) and I’ll also have another single on Tronic at the end of the summer. Phew!

Finally, from the looks of your touring schedule this summer you will be missing the World Cup in your homeland! Are you disappointed to be missing out on the celebrations? I have planned this tour during this period precisely to avoid being in Brazil during the World Cup. Unfortunately, our country is not prepared to host an event of this magnitude, our airports and public transportation systems are horrible, our government extremely corrupt, and nothing that was supposed to be ready for the World Cup was delivered on time. There’s construction everywhere, everything way over budget, the population isn’t happy about it either, there’s been a lot of protests against the World Cup being held in Brazil, I think it’s a very complicated time to be in Brazil during this period.

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