An infamous Indonesian nightclub has been forced to shut after the death of a local police officer on Friday. 'Stadium', Jakarta's spiritual home of debauchery and despair has closed following an overdose. Jicky Vay Gumerung, 22, reportedly had taken ecstasy and methamphetamine. The club had its permite revoked and is now unable to operate.

Stadium was recognized as the largest drug market in Jakarta. It is understood dealers operated with the owner's consent and, until recently, operated with impunity. While local forces made occassional low-level stings, police generally turned a blind eye to dealing within the establishment.

Stadium had developed a reputation as a 'Haven For Depravin'. The club would open on Friday afternoon, and often didn't close 'til Monday morning. Stadium attracted a broad cross-section of punters, from home and abroad. So said one source on Jakarta Globe: "They barely even serve beers. I have met people who flew all the way there from London or Singapore to stay there for the whole weekend, not really eating or sleeping".

Though Stadium was not the only venue operating under these conditions, it's closure represents a significant change in law enforcement.

Both Funk D'Void and Joris Voorn have tweeted about the club's closure.

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