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Tiesto Left Trance "To Be In Touch With The New Kids"

Chandler Shortlidge, Ibiza - Spain - on 11/4/14

Tiesto Left Trance "To Be In Touch With The New Kids"

Responsible for some of trance's best loved albums, including his In Search Of Sunrise mix series, as well as tracks like 'Adagio For Strings' and 'Flight 643,' Tiesto moved away from the genre a few years back, heading in the more mainstream EDM direction, which is so prevalent with the younger generation today.

Now, in a recent interview, he explains why he made the transition, saying that if he had continued to play trance like some of his counterparts, he would no longer have remained relevant with the younger generation of fans and producers, saying, "It's nice to be in touch with the new kids." Watch here.

It looks like this isn't the last genre move for Tiesto, however, as recently he's been playing and making deeper shades of house, releasing an 'Experimental Tech House' remix of Coldplay's 'Midnight,' as well as providing a special deep house Essential Mix, which you can listen to here.

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