Year after anticipated year, Crosstown Rebels’ Get Lost is looked towards as not only a tradition, but a rite of passage during Miami’s week of electronic music madness. The best and brightest of underground talent come together to create one of the most insane rosters of the week. Now in its ninth year, the event ran for 24 hours for the first time and took place at Ice Palace Film Studios (formerly known as Karu & Y), where it moved last year from its former home at The Electric Pickle. With multiple rooms and indoor and outdoor spaces, the venue served as the perfect home to a number of parties throughout the week.

This year, Ice Palace was split into two venues: Ice Palace and Ice Palace West. Both featured indoor and outdoor spaces. Huge hammocks were slung between the palm trees on the spacious lawn at Ice Palace, serving as a place to relax between the large, dark indoor rooms where Richie Hawtin’s infamous ENTER. party was taking place. As the clock struck 5am, we made our way over from Richie’s techno dungeon to Ice Palace West to catch Sasha’s opening set in one of the main rooms. It was definitely more convenient being able to walk from one party to the next without lurking through some of Miami’s not-so-safe areas or worrying about hailing a cab. Sasha got the party started with a set that was just heavy enough to still be deep yet energetic. It brought our fading faces back to life as the room began to fill. Pete Tong took control next, as Rachel Lyn opened the next room at 7am. Tong was followed by Mateo from Tale of us, who unexpectedly went b2b with Jackmaster as the sun began to rise outside.

The garden is the real treat of Ice Palace West. Surrounded by palm trees and featuring waterfalls, small cabanas and little statues, it’s truly a sanctuary. The large bar is situated under a hut, and Crosstown had set up the DJ booth along the side of the garden. Bob Moses opened the garden at 10am with a live set that lifted our spirits and warmed our bodies.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t be everywhere at once but we heard great things about The Martinez Brothers, Bill Patrick, Droog, Thugfucker and Tiga. All are well versed masters behind the decks and never fail to bring the noise.

There were so many highlights and surprises this year, from Art Department’s special guest set (feat. Kenny Glasglow’s lovely voice on the mic, per usual) to the premiere of Subb-an’s live show - Get Lost 2014 kept the ball rolling. There were a number of contenders for best set this year and we wish we could have been there for them all - Three closing out one of the main rooms, Infinity Ink lighting up the garden and Bob Moses in their Crosstown apparel freshening up the day. It was 24 hours of sonic satisfaction.

Francesca Lombardo won many votes for best set again this year. Her dark and sultry set mixed in vocals and threw down some heavy drops. She played in the garden from 6:00-7:30, just as the day was transitioning into evening. She mixed in Trentemoller’s “Moan” and sent us into another world as rain fell onto the tarp situated above our heads. Art Department came on next. Those boys always know how to throw it down. We made our way to the cabanas and DJ booth as Damian Lazarus came on, closing out the garden with a set that blew us away as the rain stopped and sky cleared. In true Lazarus form, it was eerie, eclectic and fucking fantastic. Many people also pointed to Damian’s set as one of the best of the evening.

We came, we listened and we got lost. Once again, this party was one for the books and we’ll be counting down the days until next year’s ten year anniversary. Until then… stay rebellious, y'all!

Photos courtesy of Amin KO Beydoun

Listen to Damian Lazarus on Pulse Radio