Our friends at Sheik ‘N’ Beik have something to celebrate – they have turned their passion for cutting edge electronic music in to a label with its first release by none other than Derek Marin. “You Can Never Go Home” was inspired by Berlin techno institution Berghain, and is set for release next week! This Sunday, Sheik ‘N’ Beik presents the official vinyl release party with Derek Marin, System of Survival, and its residents at The Panther Room in Brooklyn.

Derek explains his motivation for the EP: “You Can Hear Your Own Heartbeat’ was inspired by the film Cave of Forgotten Dreams by Werner Herzog and abstractly describes the feeling of dancing in a big dark cave. At a certain moment you will lose yourself and be one with the beat of the drum and your own heartbeat."

“You Can Never Go Home’ is about the first time I went to Berghain actually. It was my first time in Berlin, may have been my second day only and at a certain point I had been there quite awhile. My friend didn't want to leave and she had the keys plus only she knew where were we lived. So I couldn't leave but eventually it turned out I didn't want to go home…”  Preview the release here!

Derek Marin founded his imprints, Faucet Music and Like Button, in 2004 and now heads Subtrak as well. He will be joined at the event this weekend by Circoloco residents System of Survival who have been playing and producing music together since 1989 in Italy. Sheik ‘N’ Beik’s very own Julio, Fong, and Jeffrey Scott will provide opening sets. Be sure to get your tickets to the release party on Pulse Radio!

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