Dublin-born, Barcelona-based techno jock Sian last captured the world's attention with his 'concept album' dubbed "Before Silence," in which the album's tracks were broken down into a total of 1,013 different parts, to be woven back together into one continuous session.

For Sian's newest effort, "2 Meters Above Midnight," the Octopus Records boss weaves in original field recordings made during some of his hectic days touring, which he says "crystalized moments from golden night hours spent on the road merge with bold musical insights and 80s cult samples." Listen here.

So far, the single "Shame Cube" hit #2 on the Beatport Techno top 100 list, and one good listen tells us it won't be the only one.  

Sian's '2 Meters Above Midnight' will be avaliable in May on Sian's own Octopus Records here: http://www.beatport.com/label/octopus-records/5281

Track List
Continous file mix
1 Manhattan Project
2 Lime Wave
3 The Sun Also Rises
4 Red Polygon
5 The Medium Is The Message
6 Achilles Tang
7 Farewell Mermaid
8 Shame Cube
9 Barcode Art
10 Velour Cloak
11 Palm Trees
12 Sleeper Cell
13 Shadow Puppet

Listen to Sian on Pulse Radio.