Eric Volta is an artist on the rise.  Based in London and Berlin, he recently released his 'Blood Burgundy' EP featuring vocals by Gretz on No.19 Music and is currently embarking on a North American tour which will bring him to cities like New York, Montreal, and Miami as well as appearances at major festivals like Electric Forest and the inaugural Mysteryland USA.  We had a chance to catch up with him ahead of his set tonight at No.19's Social Experiment at Output in Brooklyn to chat about his new EP, visiting and playing in New York, his recent memorable gig in South Africa, his excitement about playing at Mysteryland USA on the legendary Woodstock festival grounds, and what we can look forward to seeing from him in the future.

Your ‘Blood Burgundy’ EP featuring Gretz is out now on No. 19. How did the collaboration come about? Gretz and I were going through a bit of a rough time. It was around Christmas 2012. Gretz had just gone through a painful breakup, meanwhile I had just moved to Berlin and was quite depressed at the time. Misery loves company. We found each other and a way to cope with our losses.

In the last few weeks you’ve toured all around the world making stops in South Africa, Russia, Madrid, Italy, and more. What have been some of your recent highlights? South Africa no doubt! I have to throw it up for the guys in Johannesberg at the And Club, where they do a party called ‘Toy Toy’ (which is the name of a South African dance used to make a political stance during apartheid). I think the world forgets this was less than 20 years ago when whites and blacks couldn’t walk on the same side of the street. The result is bright and colorful people, and the vibes are of the hook. My friend Gordon runs a party in Cape Town called ‘Tropical Roast,’ which has to be the other highlight. He showed me how beautiful his country was, as we stayed in his family home. I think this was definitely my highlight. It’s something so beautiful, I can’t forget.

The next stop on your tour is Social Experiment at Output. What can guests look forward to from your set? I’m honest with what I do. I’m always touched to be able to play at places like Output.

What are some of your favorite places to go, food to eat, and things to do when you’re visiting New York? It’s only my second time ever here and this time I have made sure to be here for some extra days. To do exactly this. Discover this city.

You are also set to play at the inaugural edition of Mysteryland USA at the Sunday School Mini-Fest. What are some of the thing you’re looking forward to about bringing the legendary party to the historic Woodstock grounds? When the sun is out, I’ll be going for some interplanetary walks around Berlin thinking about these legendary grounds. The energy of a wondrous moment is caught there. Michael Shrieve’s drumming moments and Hendrix’s legendary performance. If I could come a little close even, I would be touched for life. And I hope to share that with everyone.

What do you have in store for MMW/WMC 2014? This is my first WMC, so I have no idea what to expect. I know it’s not the same as it used to be, and severely overpriced. I hope this changes. This is music for everyone. Not rich elitists.

What else is on your horizon for the coming months? Well, more music with Gretz. I’ll be producing an EP for him in the coming months. It’s his own material. The man is an angel of a human being, and I am happy and honored to have the chance to be able to help him develop and grow. There’s a remix for Art Department, remix on Pets Recordings, and some new exclusive stuff I’ve written for Timo Mass’s comp for My Favorite Robot Records coming as well.

Eric Volta North American Tour Dates:
March 21 Brooklyn, NY@ Output (No.19 Social Experiment)
March 22 Montreal, CA @ Stereo Nightclub
March 26 Miami, FL @ Wall (Modern Love Affair)
March 28 Miami, FL @ Trade (No.19 Social Experiment)
April 24 Ashville, NC @ Moog Fest (No.19 Social Experiment)
May 26 Bethel, NY @ Mysteryland Festival
June 28 Rothbury, MI @ Electric Forest

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